Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Zone Conf.

On Sunday evening, October 9, we had a visit from a wonderful couple from Provo before Brother H did a fireside here in Rome. We were so happy to spend some time with them and to take a photo on the famous villa stairs!

One of the tender mercies of our mission has been meeting people from our first missions. On Sunday evening, we enjoyed meeting with this sweet sister President baptized so long ago in the font behind us. We love her and her family!

On Monday, we started zone conferences for this transfer. We started out in Palermo and loved every minute with our missionaries there. At the end, as we headed for Elder G's car we found it was blocked on all sides. But with only honking the horn, 3 men miraculously appeared and moved all the cars. You have to love Italy! Here are some of our great missionaries.

 From Palermo, we chose to take the train to Catania. I love looking at the sea!

We are blessed with so many wonderful missionaries on the island of Sicily! We were sorry to have to leave quickly after zone conference.

We flew to Cagliari on the beautiful island of Sardegna. We love these missionaries!

 After zone conference was over, a great friend brought us and the elders some Sardegnian flan! We had a wonderful visit!

We returned to Rome for Zone Conferences on Monday and met with all of these wonderful missionaries in one day!

We took a quick photo of those who are serving in Malta or who have served in Malta who were at the Rome East Zone Conference. These are great young men!