Saturday, October 8, 2016


Last week, President reassigned one of his wonderful assistants to go back into the field to teach repentance and baptize converts. We will always be grateful for the help this young man gave us as we arrived in Italy. He has been an angel for us and is an outstanding missionary. At the same time, President called a new elder to assist him. Since he was outside of Rome, the call was issued on the computer. I took a few photos of him and his companion after the call was over. We are so grateful for all of the missionaries who serve here in the Great Italy Rome Mission.

This was also time to say goodbye to some outstanding elders and a sister. We will miss you Anziani and Sorella--you are the best!

As we say goodbye to one group, we welcome another group. We are so happy to have these elders and sisters join us here in Italy. We received 4 from the Spain MTC and 13 from Provo.

We also had a visit from a friend from Florence on Friday. Thanks for coming! This photo gives you a nice view of the villa.

We were also blessed when President was able to call a counselor in the mission. We are already grateful for the service he will render.