Sunday, June 4, 2017

Catania, Palermo

We just returned from the Catania and Palermo Zone Conferences. After we finished in Palermo, we went to visit our missionaries in some of the smaller cities.

The wonderful Catania Zone!


The great Palermo Zone!

After the zone conferences ended, President and I went to the towns of Sciacca, Caltanisetta, Agrigento, Ragusa and Siracusa. The pictures that follow include the missionaries, the food, the chapels, and a few wonderful Italians. We love each of the missionaries that serve in these towns and the members that live there.


The elders have a great view!

Caltanisetta--we talked as we ate, so there are a lot of food photos!

Agrigento. Before we left town, we stopped for an hour to see the ancient Greek ruins.

This is probably the best pizza I have ever had!

(the view from our B & B)

(The B & B owners said this olive tree was 1000 years old.)

 Note the Greek temple far in the background.